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You came to the right place if you love the outdoors just like us. Seeking adventure is human nature, exploring the world is in our DNA. Life is not complete without hiking. 

You want to explore the outdoors and want to fully experience everything nature has to offer. You like to capture the experiences, and you have a passion for outdoor photography.

You can not wait to go on your next adventure. All you need to know to prepare yourself and to make the most out of your hikes can be found in our blogs and guides. In the near future, you will also be able to the best outdoor hiking equipment, to fully prepare you for your next hiking adventure.

Wander together.


Multipurpose gaiters to protect you from the elements during your hiking adventures.



BRO-TECT is made out of high-quality materials and is improved on several areas based on thorough product testing, making it possible to perform under different circumstances to guarantee you comfort in use. 



Our specific use of materials and innovative solutions results in lightweight gaiters, adding to ease of use both when in use, as well as when stowed in your backpack.

water resistant-02


The top layer of the BRO-TECT has a water-repellent finish, making sure your pants stay dry in rainy situations and wet high grass areas.



Mesh fabric allows heat to get out of the gaiter, providing extra comfort, even in warmer climates.

GAITER GUIDE: Everything you need to know about gaiters

Ever wondered if gaiters are something for you? Not sure what to look for in gaiters? Or not even sure what the benefits of gaiters are?

The basics of Gaiters

Why, what, who and when to use gaiters. All the basics to help you understand the advantages of gaiters.

The Features

What materials are good, and what design features should I look for in a pair of gaiters? A thorough explanation of what to look for when purchasing a new pair of gaiters.