The story of

Two guys who have known each other pretty much since birth, taken different paths through life, each developing as a person in their own ways, but never stayed out of touch with each other. When possible, they love to travel together, to whatever new destination, gaining new experiences and enjoying life to the fullest.
Now they both have come to a phase in life where they need to make a decision, one leaves the army after several years of service, while the other is done with his academical studies. Do we get a 9 to 5 job, or do we choose to begin an adventure together as entrepreneurs?

Given our history, the trust in each other, the love for experiencing new things, we choose the latter and decided to start this adventure together.
Our aim is to optimise travel buddies' adventurous endeavours, as we would like to enhance our own.


Enhance the enjoyment of all your outdoor adventures, by improving the quality of hiking equipment.

mission statement


The values that drive and guide us


Find your (own) path

We believe in the journey, we advocate moving. Find your best self through self-exploring, and strive to grow every day.


Inspire adventure

We at Broamer aim at enhancing experiences for everyone who seeks adventure. With our products we want people to grow confident to go outdoors and wander the world.


Keep moving

Without challenges, there are no accomplishments. Setbacks will happen, just remember to keep going.


Celebrate achievements

As much as we think it is all about the journey and the challenges, we also believe you need to enjoy the highs. Reflect on the journey and sacrifices, and enjoy what you have achieved. Take time to celebrate.


Love thy neighbour

Broamer believes in treating each other with respect. From our partners to the end user, we treat everybody as if they are family.