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Welcome to our Hiking blog page, fellow wanderer!


As outdoor enthusiast & hikers, we wanted a platform to write our findings and information down, figuring out our own questions we had and answering them in the blogs.

In the near future, we want to have a complete package to everyone with hiking questions, in the shape of: Guides| Tips | Checklists and Gear Reviews. We take it step by step and start at making beginning tips for rookie hikers to eventually make some more advanced stuff for the hiking veterans out there. We will cover all the subjects we have knowledge of.

If you want to be a guest post writer contact us to get in touch.

Let us know what you would like to see next, we appreciate all the input.

The Dutch like hiking / walking, but with the flat ground, the challenge we seek is in the distance. Like “Pieterpad”, the longest distance walk in the Netherlands. Besides Pieterpad,...
Hiking vs trekking vs mountaineering featured image
What exactly is the difference between hiking, trekking, and mountaineering? Why is it important to know the differences? This comparison will clarify it all. Stefan Mertens Stefan is a design...
The ultimate neck gaiter guide
I hear you thinking, what is a neck gaiter? And is it similar to leg gaiters? The short answer to the first part is : A Neck Gaiter is a...
Ever been on a hike without your Hiking First Aid Kit? I know I have. Would not say I regret it, but nowadays I will never leave without at least...
top 5 tasty hiking food
I love chocolate. I mean I LOVE chocolate. Maybe even a bit too much, as I find myself eating it at times I really shouldn’t. Hence, I always carry chocolate...
10 hiking tips learned from the army
What’s next?  A sentence that haunted me for a while, it might be the most daunting question of all. I loved my work and I have been doing it for...
hike planning featured photo
Is it really necessary to plan out all your hikes? The short answer is yes, but let me explain. Most hike planning lacks structure so it will take you way...
featured picture
If you are a beginner/amateur photographer, you might think bringing a lot of photography equipment with you is unnecessary. Although I would like to disagree, I will give you tips...
youtube hiking and backpacking top 10
There is so much info surrounding Hiking and backpacking, that we wanted to make a small database to help you see through the clutter. To start it off we made...

The 10 hiking essentials.

10 essentials
Hiking essentials will be one of the first things you will find when searching for information for hiking & backpacking, and it is the first building block you need to...

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