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Primarily we want to enhance your hiking experiences by offering new and improved equipment. Besides that, we also want you to be prepared as best as you can for your wandering adventures. We provide guides, tips, inspiration, checklists, and other means to help you get the most out of your hiking aspirations, whether you are an experienced veteran or just a beginner, we will try to help you to get the most out of your adventures.

We are a starting company, and currently are product portfolio is in the making. We have multiple product ideas and designs ready to be manufactured. As we want to offer only quality products we fully support, our product test phases take longer than expected. However, we are close to our first product to hit the shelves, which is more than likely going to be hiking gaiters.
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For now, we will only sell our products through When we have a wide variety of products, we will also open up a webshop on this page. At the moment we have no plans to have our products available in retail stores, but who knows what the future brings.
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Besides our warranty commitment, we also provide guides with our products. They can be found on our website, on the page of the product info. If the product manual does not suffice, please let us know which other questions you have via

, we will gladly help you.

We are always looking for ways to improve, whether it is our products or our way of conducting business. We only want the best for our fellow wanderers, so please share your ideas, concerns, suggestions or advice to

We are very sorry if anything does not meet expectations. As we only want the best for our fellow wanderers, we have a one-month money back policy. if you received your order, and you are not happy with the product, you can follow the instructions on the return page to get your money back. Make sure it is within the time frame of 1 month (31 days) after shipping. If you want a refund after that period, please contact us in advance:

The delivery time depends on where you place your order from. On average your product should be delivered in between 2-7 working days. There are some exceptions. For a better explanation of delivery time, we advice to look at the Amazon delivery page.

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